What to Know Before Buying a Webcam

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The development of high-speed and, most importantly, affordable Internet worldwide opens up truly limitless opportunities for communication between people. And numerous applications for free telephony or even video telephony have become super popular. Now in almost every house several devices are simultaneously in the network. What is needed for a real, almost “live” communication with a loved one who has found himself so far away? First, the computer; secondly, the Internet; and thirdly, a quality webcam. And, if there are no difficulties with the first two points, then there may be problems with choosing a webcam.

Definition and basic concepts

Logitech Webcam C200

At the moment, there are a lot of companies specializing in the production of so-called peripherals for PCs (keyboards, mice, Web-cameras). The most famous brands are Logitech, Genius, Sven and others. Producers are struggling to organize their own ecosystem, that is, for example, a proprietary program from Logitech can simultaneously process a signal from a mouse, keyboard and something else Logitech’ovskogo without loading the computer with unnecessary applications. So if there are plans to purchase several gadgets at once to a PC, then it’s best to buy everything from one manufacturer. But, back to the topic of the article.

A webcam is a device that captures an image and transfers it to a computer. It allows you to make video calls and just record video, for example, for youtube.
What is the difference between cameras? First of all, the resolution of the matrix. It can be:

  • 640 × 480,
  • 1280 × 720 (HD)
  • 1920 × 1080 (FullHD)
  • 2560х2048 (Quad HD)
  • 3840х2160 (Ultra HD 4K)

Accordingly, low-resolution devices are the cheapest on the market, but the quality of the picture leaves much to be desired, that is, in the worst case, one can not even distinguish the person’s face from conversation. Sensors with HD resolution capture a decent picture and, in our opinion, are the most profitable proposal for price / quality. TopHead cameras FullHD for today though already and not a rare phenomenon, but they are still quite expensive.


The matrix in webcams is of two types: CCD and CMOS. The first you will rarely see on sale. It’s for the best. Their quality is noticeably behind the modern versions of CMOS.

Also one of the main parameters that everyone is paying attention to when they think how to choose a web camera is the number of megapixels. It can vary from 0.3 to 5 and higher. The best option would be 3 megapixels.

Max. Resolution

Partly we have already discussed this in the first paragraph. But let’s add and expand the topic more extensively.

By the ratio of price and quality, the most optimal option would be 1280 × 720, that is HD quality. It is enough for you to communicate in skype and to record videos for youtube or vkontakte. Less to take no meaning, because at a price you will not win anything, but as a loser noticeably. I would not recommend a higher resolution either, because the cameras that support it are much more expensive, and the increase in the parameter is often achieved by software and does not significantly increase the quality of the image.

Interfaces of connection

The webcam connects almost always via the USB 2.0-3.1 connector, so you should not have any problems with the installation. When you connect the camera to the computer for the first time, it must be determined automatically and the operating system will find the appropriate driver for it.

If this did not happen, then you will need a disk that came with the kit. Also the latest driver versions can always be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Support for older models is another criterion when choosing a web camera, because not all manufacturers are responsibly approaching this. Therefore, we recommend buying devices from Logitech, Microsoft, Genius and other popular brands.

Now you know how to choose a webcam for a computer, you can do it yourself without resorting to the help of consultants in stores.

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